I Am a Wife First

The sun is shining and there is not a single cloud in the sky on this precious summer morning.  I often reflect on my step parenting journey — where I started, where I am today and where I hope to be.  One thing I sometimes forget in the hustle and bustle of stepfamily life, just like any family life but with a few extra twists and turns, is that first and foremost I am a wife.  My husband and I create the foundation from which we build our family unit and it can be difficult to prioritize this with all of the back and forth, planning, scheduling, parenting etc.

Without a strong foundation for our family we will inevitably crumble.   We can’t positively navigate the hardships of marriage and especially stepfamily life without a solid base.  It’s not a competition between marriage and children — you don’t have to decide that one is more important than the other.  A healthy relationship creates the solid foundation from which you nurture your children.  Prioritizing your relationship in a healthy way, therefore, is prioritizing your children.

I am reminding myself today that this non-parenting time, when HJ is with her mom, is sacred for us.  As much as we love parenting time with HJ we also NEED couple time to nurture our connection.  Go on a hike together, plan a quick camping trip, enjoy a kid-free lake day — the possibilities are endless and I for one need to make this a priority.  Tonight we have plans to go to a free concert.  Cheers to adult time!

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