DIY Brown Paper Message Board

I love a good, simple and inexpensive DIY.  Preferably, a DIY with minimal materials, minimal steps and minimal wait time between steps such as paint drying etc.  When I saw a version of this message board on Pinterest I knew I could easily recreate it at home.


Brown Postal Paper – I recommend something about 24″ wide and whatever length you prefer.  I found brown Kraft Postal Wrap Paper (24″ x 40′) at my local Staples store, but you can use any brand that works for you.  I purchased a smaller roll of paper versus a thick one because it was lighter to hang on the wall and I wasn’t planning on using it for messaging purposes.  I have it on my wall as a decor piece with a well-loved quote.

Small Curtain Rod – I had one sitting in a closet at home that worked perfectly because I could shrink it down to 24″ wide and it was thin enough to fit through the paper roll.  My curtain rod came with two fancy knobs on each end, but I just unscrewed those to keep it simple and sleek.  Something like this RACKA curtain rod from IKEA should do the trick.  Make sure that your curtain rod will  hold the weight of your roll of paper and also stick out far enough from the wall to fit your roll of paper depending on how thick you purchased it.

Screws/Wall Anchors – Find enough screws for the curtain rod and, if necessary, wall anchors to ensure your piece stays attached to the wall.  I required four screws for mine and no wall anchors since my roll of paper was so light.

Screw Driver or Drill and Hammer – I luckily have drill in my house for other projects so used that as a quick way to attached the curtain rod to the wall, but a screw driver/hammer will also work just fine for this job.

Tape Measure/Level – Any type of tape measure and/or level works to achieve a centred piece and one that’s level.  I am personally a huge fan of ‘eyeballing’ wall hangings, but to each their own!

Black Marker – Any kind that you prefer, but I used a regular sharpie on my message board.


Step One:  Hang curtain rod on the wall (remove any fancy knobs that you don’t want if necessary).  This is the point when you can get out your tape measure and mark off the points you want to put the screws to make sure your piece is straight, centred and will fit the paper roll.  Ensure that the width will match the roll of paper you purchased.  Mine was reduced to 24″ to fit the paper roll.

Step Two:  Put the roll of paper on the rod and hang on the wall.  Unroll the paper to the desired length and write your message.  I removed the paper roll from the curtain rod before I wrote my message on the board to keep it neat.

That’s it!!

Thanks for reading,



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