FOMO – Long Weekends

For all of those who stayed home for the long weekend.  For all of those who stayed in their pyjamas for a few extra hours each morning (or all day) instead of getting ready for an adventure.  For all of those whose long weekend plans didn’t expand much beyond binge watching Netflix.  I hear you.

Our bodies are pretty amazing things.  If you listen, it can let you know when it’s time to rest or time to explore.  This past long weekend (May long weekend in Canada) my body urged me to relax and recuperate from my week long illness.  So I did.  But it was so challenging to try and silence my fear of missing out (FOMO).  It was the first sunny, hot long weekend of the year and here I was sitting at home in sweatpants and and old t-shirt enjoying my THIRD nap of the day.  I checked my Instagram feed and scrolled through photos of friends and family members adventuring, picnicking, beaching, socializing and just living.  I was missing out.  Given the fact that I’m currently a stay-at-home-wife (and stepmom) it’s a completely ridiculous concept to feel like I’m missing out on a long weekend — every weekend can be my long weekend.  I also don’t like crowds and try to avoid major busy days to go anywhere.  I’m an introvert so I unwind best in solitude and find small or large gatherings very draining.  So why do I feel like I’m missing out taking all of those things, and more, into consideration?

I have to consistently practice and remind myself that social media is everyone else’s highlight reel of how they want their world to perceive it.  I can’t compare my current state to someone else’s choice moments.  I am reminded of this sometimes when I am chatting with a friend as they unravel their latest adventure over coffee.  Their description never coincides with the description I came up with from scrolling through a handful of photos they shared.  The ‘real life’ is usually never so glamorous.  A picture says a thousand words so of course we all choose those pictures carefully.  We want to display the best thousand words and the rest of the words we keep to ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to be inspired by an amazing shot or status update from a friend atop a mountain with a breathtaking view.  You bet I’m planning on when I can go enjoy that hike as well.  But, like everything, moderation.  That beautiful view still comes with a few not so precious moments.

I do sometimes have a fear of missing out, but I try to keep it in check and balance it with a more realistic fear of missing out on a full and balanced life.  I can’t live balanced by trying to keep up with the photos and status updates of my friends, family and even strangers whom I admire.  Last weekend, my personal balance involved a lot of hot soup, rest and, yes, a little Netflix so that on Tuesday I was ready to work toward the life that fills me up.

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